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So perfect~

Finally it is released.I can't say anything it is so so perfect !~~

After 2 years of waiting for "Love Fight" English subtitle,now it is finally here.
When I logged in and I saw this I was really happy

I was like: 'OMG!!~~ Is this for real????After so much time of waiting??!!!'

If you want to download it and watch it [with eng sub ,of course] check out  jdramas 

2NE1 are back!!Yess,finally !

Hurricane Venus

She is the Queen of K-Pop! ^__^

One in a million!

Cause You're My one In A Million,Yamapi-san! ^_^
I like my socks haha =^^=
piggy ^^

My dog ^^

Ohayo ~
I found this pic in my PC.I thought it is cute,so I posted it here :D
She's my Ambra,my husky dog.She is so sweet and playful =^^=

I took this pic long time ago .I hope you like it. ^^

See You Later !


Hi. I'm new here ^^

I'm kiki,nice to meet you.

I found Live Journal long time ago,but just now i decided to sign in.
I hope i will make some friends with common interests :D

For now just this.I will write more other time. ^^

Bye Bye ^^